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Rodrigo de Souza Couto
Associate Professor - DETEL/FEN/UERJ

About Me:

I received a D.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering in 2015 from COPPE/UFRJ and a cum laude B. Sc. degree in Electronics and Computing Engineering from Poli/UFRJ in 2011. My D.Sc. thesis was advised by Professors Luís Henrique Costa and Miguel Elias Campista at the laboratory Grupo de Teleinformática e Automação at UFRJ, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. During my D.Sc. research period, I did an one-year internship at the Laboratoire d'Informatique de Paris 6 (LIP6) at UPMC, advised by Professor Stefano Secci. I work since 2015 as an Associate Professor (Professor Adjunto, in Brazil) at the Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (UERJ), in the Department of Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering. My research interests include data center networks, network reliability and survivability, network virtualization and software-defined networking.

E-mail: rodrigo.couto [at] uerj [dot] br